Archer looks to Salerio to add retail processing


cofinancier®a leading provider of specialized software and services for the financial services industry, announces that Archer, a leading provider of technology services for investment managers, has expanded its use of corfinancial’s Salerio® Post-Trade Execution solution to begin processing transactions for their retail services.

Based in the Philadelphia area, Archer provides a strong ecosystem of technologies and services to the asset management industry. An early adopter of Robotic Processing Automation, Archer continues to deploy cutting-edge technology like Salerio to streamline processes for clients of investment managers and their brokers.

“As more investment managers launch new products specifically for retail investors, we continue to invest in technology that creates powerful operational efficiencies for our clients,” said Bob Lage, EVP, Global Head of Product and Technology at Archer. “At Archer, we are always looking to upgrade our tools in a way that enables our clients to grow their businesses. By integrating Salerio into our trade settlement process, we are adding automation that creates significant efficiencies in the settlement process. matching transactions between our clients’ counterparties.”

Archer used Salerio to migrate institutional clients away from DTCC’s OASYSMT utility in December 2021 and began moving its retail clients in March 2022. This latest evolution with the retail application of technology enables asset managers to match trades faster through a centralized service. Specifically, Salerio facilitates enhanced connectivity to banks and brokers through DTCC’s CTMMT utility, including SWIFT messaging – all highly automated and fully integrated into the Archer IBOR, dashboards and reports.

David Veal, Senior Executive for Client Solutions at corfinancial added: “Archer’s confidence in our Salerio solution is well received and this recent change reflects the flexibility of our product to adapt to different business processes, creating a complete and central management which can evolve according to the activities of our customers develop.”


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Archer ( is a technology and services innovator for the investment management industry, including institutional, private and retail managers.


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