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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sep 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Fobi AI Inc. (TSX.V: FOBI) (OTCQB: FOBIF) (the “Company” or “Fobi”), a global leader in providing temporal data analysis through artificial intelligence to boost customer activation and engagement, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest solution. The Fobi connected retail solution will support real-time point-of-sale data connectivity across all banners and channels, in-store, online and mobile, to provide retailers and product manufacturers with everyday consumption the possibility of offering automated and personalized marketing on a large scale.


Fobi will now enable manufacturer brands to gain unprecedented access to rich analytics and in-store data, including real-time buyer behaviors, campaign activation and product performance. Fobi will enable brands to deliver exclusive and highly personalized targeted offerings directly at the point of sale, driving customer journeys across all retail channels. Retailers will now be able to create effective and highly customizable receipts and digital marketing campaigns triggered at checkout by keywords, cart size, cart composition, previous purchase behavior, and more. Personalized Marketing will now forge exciting connections between retailers, CPG brands and their customers to propel the retail industry and Fobi to new heights and expectations.


Company to unveil both Fobi 3.0 and the all-new GroceryShop connected retail solution alongside leading CPGs in attendance such as Johnson and Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Frito Lay, PepsiCo and leading retailers such as Krogers, Albertsons, 7-11, and Amazon.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson says: “With our launch this week of Fobi 3.0 and the strategic launch of our latest solution at the convenience store and grocery industry’s premier event, we are continuing our very strong momentum. This is a big step forward for Fobi, and we believe we are well positioned to transform the retail industry as a whole. Due to all new benefits and features offered by Fobi 3.0, such as personalized digital receipt marketing, providing retailers with seamless connectivity to the existing IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for point-of-sale integration, reducing costs. frictions associated with retail adoption. Fobi’s proprietary receipt interception technology will provide the next evolution in delivering automated personalized marketing at scale.

The new Fobi connected retail platform now enables personalized physical and digital coupons, discounts, surveys, and more. Shopify, and many more. The content of the customer’s current purchase cart can be used to deliver campaigns via real-time personalized receipt marketing, enabling retailers to exponentially increase customer loyalty and spend with the power of personalization, real-time insight, engagement and campaign management. , all accessible and actionable from the unified Fobi Insight portal.


In light of the accelerating digitization of COVID-19 and the need for increased personalization in brick and mortar retail, personalized receipt marketing allows retailers to finally be able to offer a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy. The need to connect online and offline touchpoints is increasing, with more than 80% of purchases classified as involving a multi-channel purchase path including both online and offline touchpoints according to Google. Not only does Fobi unlock advanced omnichannel capabilities for traditional retailers, it can do so at a fraction of the cost by integrating into any retailer’s existing infrastructure.

Fobi’s planned closing of the Qples acquisition will allow Fobi retail customers and CPG brands to integrate the new 8112 digital coupon format into their personalized receipt marketing campaigns to finally enable retailers to deliver universal coupons to digitally single use via secure coupons 8112. 8112 improves coupon security in an industry where coupon fraud costs the retailer more than $ 100 million per year. The 8112 coupon format eliminates the risk of coupon fraud, saving CPG retailers and brands hundreds of millions of dollars every year. With the expected acquisition and functionality of Qples, coupled with the new format provided by The Coupon Bureau with the new digital standard of the 8112 coupon format, this will also enable and provide new lucrative business opportunities and new revenue models, by monetizing the trade in coupons between retailers and CPG brands. and creating new sources of recurring revenue for retailers and Fobi.

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Fobi is a leading data intelligence company that helps our clients transform real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement to drive increased profits. Fobi’s unique IoT device has the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure to enable data connectivity between online and on-premises platforms, creating highly scalable solutions for our global customers. Fobi partners with some of the world’s largest companies to provide the best solutions and operates globally in the retail, telecommunications, sports and entertainment, casino games and hospitality industries. and tourism.

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