More than 30,000 SME brands dominate retail in India CAIT


If the government gives the obligation to support the policies for the non-business sector and compels the e-commerce companies to follow the policy and the law, the country’s retail business will increase, they added.

More than 30,000 Indian small and medium enterprise (SME) brands supply India’s retail trade, compared to around 3,000 corporate brands found especially in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the Confederation of Trade said on Sunday. All Indian Traders (CAIT).

According to a recent survey by CAIT Research and Trade Development Society (CRTDS), around 3,000 corporate brands meet the needs of almost 20% of India’s population, while over 30,000 small and medium brands meet the demand. rest. 80 percent of people.

These small brands include products made by small manufacturers whose products are sold across the country in bulk, CAIT BC Bhartia National Chairman and General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal said in a joint statement.

Corporate brands are in demand among the upper and upper middle class due to the extent of media and out-of-home advertising and celebrity endorsements of the brand. However, the brands of smaller manufacturers are sold through one-to-one contact with customers and merchants, the statement added.

Bhartia and Khandelwal said among the trade verticals surveyed include food grains, oil, Kirana items, personal cosmetics, loungewear, ready-made garments , beauty and body care products, shoes, toys, educational games and health care.

“This reflects a reality that smaller brands dominate the consumer market, even with the predatory pricing and deep discounts charged by foreign e-commerce companies and the efforts of some FMCG companies to marginalize the distributor network,” they said. they stated.

If the government provides the means to support policies for the non-commercial sector and compels e-commerce businesses to follow policy and law, the country’s retail business will grow, they added.


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