Redefining the Supply Chain in the Nigerian Retail Market Space –


There is hardly a neighborhood in the country where a retailer is not located and a vacuum is automatically created in the absence of a formal retail store on any street.

Retail is growing with the redefinition of how supply meets demand. More recently, retailers no longer have to worry about how to restock their stores with groceries as the technology is deployed by burgeoning business-to-business (B2B) businesses.

This development brings more satisfaction to retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and those technology companies who act as middlemen with their services easily accessible online and offline.

Micro-business owner Aliyu Bala Idala in Kano is happy that Alerzoa B2B e-commerce company goes the extra mile by offering free shipping on the goods it orders.

He shared, “I shop and sell at Kachachi Market, a local government in Kano. I sell groceries and foodstuffs at wholesale prices. I have been running this business for 10 years. We give glory to God that I have been doing business with Alerzo for two years and I am happy to do business with them.

“In the past, we usually did not receive goods. We went around the markets buying from one store to another. But now we no longer have the stress of going to the markets; we order what we want and they deliver to our store. This is a great achievement for Alerzo.

Not only does he and other merchants get their goods delivered at the right time for free by Alerzo, he added that Alerzo has equipped them with PoS machines, “We like using PoS. It helps us in our daily dealings with customers.


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