Retail sector is the worst performer for online privacy: CyberCX


According to Mr. said Lot.

The website for Apple, a company that has made user privacy a selling point for products such as its iPhone, had the best privacy practices of all the sites studied in the research.

Heavily regulated industries such as banking and insurance, as well as the government sector, also performed well in the research, which measured websites across 145 privacy-related performance metrics, such as the use of tracking cookies, whether the company’s privacy policy was easy to read, and whether there was a dashboard where users could view and change their privacy settings.

One thing the study found is that companies operating overseas, especially those operating in Europe and the United States, tend to have much better privacy practices than companies operating only in Australia.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set a much higher standard than Australia’s privacy laws, and companies operating there tended to adhere to that standard across their entire platform. -shape, according to research.

“And it’s not that the United States has strong privacy laws, but they have a very strong Federal Trade Commission that doesn’t hesitate to impose heavy fines for privacy violations” , did he declare.

Mr Batch, who spent 13 years working as a privacy manager in social media, healthcare, banking and consulting firms before moving to CyberCX in 2021, said he saw privacy users only get worse, not better, over their career, despite regulations like GDPR.

“I don’t think the level of regulation and privacy protection has increased commensurately with the level of risk we currently face.

“There is exponentially more data being collected about us every year, there is exponentially more ability to mine that data, but we are not seeing an exponential increase in regulation or privacy protections adopted by brands. .

“If we continue on this track, the machines will know everything about us and will be able to predict our behavior. We have to get it back up,” he said.


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