Retail sector sees Eid shopping boom


According to industry representatives, a combination of Eid al-Fitr and Mother’s Day led to an increase in retail sales.


The demand for shopping for Mother’s Day, which is due to be celebrated on May 9, came at a time when people have already started shopping for Eid, which will take place from May 2-4 at the end of the month. holy muslim of ramadan.

“Mother’s Day follows Eid, and we also see the demand for summer clothing purchases,” Sinan Öncel, president of the United Brands Association (BMD), told Milliyet daily.

“We expect revenue to increase by around 50%,” he said. “During this period, we expect ready-to-wear clothing and household goods to be the best sellers.

Uğur Ayaydın, general manager of Ayaydın Miroglio Group, said the group’s sales were good in the first quarter, but slowed down with the start of Ramadan this month.

“But sales started to pick up again,” he said. “In this period, sales of jackets and colored products are leading. Those making holiday plans also show interest in dresses.

Ayaydın said there had been an increase in the retail prices of products due to the increase in raw materials, “but we have not fully reflected it.”


Meanwhile, Bendevi Palandöken, the head of the Confederation of Traders and Craftsmen of Turkey (TESK), expects the total turnover from Eid purchases to be around 25 billion Turkish liras. ($1.7 billion).

“This year we expect a more active holiday as the pandemic is almost completely behind us,” Palandöken said.

“Rising bus, train and plane ticket prices may reduce the number of intercity trips, but holiday activity has started in the cities. This year, we expect the party turnover, from sweets to clothes, to reach 25 billion lira.



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