Saskatchewan Leads Retail Growth Country –


According to a provincial government release, Saskatchewan leads the country in retail growth.

Year-over-year retail trade grew 13% between February 2021 and February 2022, the highest in Canada.

“I think the increase in numbers in retail, whether it’s wholesale or whatever category you look at, is really a testament to the fact that our economy is recovering,” Larry Heggs said. , Executive Director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce. “I think we’re in the right area and we’re starting in the right direction.”

Heggs said Saskatchewan led the country in wholesale trade and manufacturing sales, and had the second strongest month-over-month growth in merchandise exports.

“It’s a testament to Saskatchewan’s diverse economy, which of course as the southeast is our economy,” he said. “We’re very diverse, and whether it’s agriculture, oil, manufacturing, we kind of have all the pillars, and so as the economy continues to rebound, or to grow elsewhere, we will be on the good side of it for sure.

He said that this diversity in our economy contributes to its success.

“We have what the world needs, whether it’s food, oil, forestry, uranium, potash, we have all of those things as a province, so we will continue to be a world leader somehow kicks into high gear, if you want to refer to it that way.

Heggs added that going forward we should be able to get a reasonable crop before spring with the moisture we received in the southeast.


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