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Savanna Premium Crisp and Dry Cider is back – this time on the streets with the #TwirraShade campaign. Savanna’s #TwirraShade sees custom-designed benches and murals across South Africa, providing shade during some of the hottest months of the year when people are on vacation and living their best lives.

By choosing the Out of Homes platform, the brand had direct engagement with consumers and creatively interacted with them in a memorable way. Placed at key locations in and around South Africa, consumers could giggle as they seek shelter from the sun and rain. The Savanna Twidder Shade benches were designed to look like trees with leaves covered in Twitter Shade messages.

“With our tongues firmly in our cheeks, we turned Twitter’s shadow into a real shadow by building bespoke TwirraShade trees, alongside the very smart team at Thinking. The result is an effective outdoor campaign, backed by a strong social and digital campaign designed to get people talking and engaging,” says Steph van Niekerk Creative Director Gray / WPP Liquid.

Savanna is known for her witty take on the ironies of South African life under the #SiyavannaSouthAfrica banner, and this campaign is an ode to South African Twitter with socially and culturally relevant content, and the campaign teaser is went viral within hours of its launch.

“Like all good ideas, the #TwirraShadeProject started out as a joke. We thought there is so much shade thrown at Black Twitter every day, if we could harness it, we could probably solve the crisis of the global warming – I mean there’s shadow for days, shadow for millennia really So that’s what we did Steph van Niekerk Creative Director Gray / WPP Liquid.

Enjoy extra shade in Johannesburg, Melrose Arch and Newtown Junction and Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront

Stay cool and enjoy Savanna responsibly.

Savanna promotes responsible consumption. Not for under 18s.

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About Savanna – “It’s Dry, But You Can Drink It”

Savanna is a premium, crisp apple cider with a distinctive dry taste. It is one of the largest cider brands in the world and is available in over 60 countries. Since its launch in 1996, SavannaPremium Cider has captured the hearts and amusing bones of consumers with its smart, dry and witty sense of humor.


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