The Retail Sector Prepares for Omicron – What Kiwis Need to Know


Retailers across the country are taking proactive steps to prepare for Omicron’s arrival in the community and are asking Kiwis to understand that service levels may change as a result.

“While the retail environment is relatively safe with the use of masks and QR codes to check in, retailers across the country are preparing for Omicron and the impact it will have on their teams and service levels,” says Greg Harford, Managing Director of Retail NZ. .

“Retail NZ urges Kiwis to understand that during an outbreak of Omicron, retailers’ service offerings may change. This could be due to limited staffing, opening hours limits and issues We call on Kiwis to Shop Normal, Shop Nice and support the industry with great understanding.

“An outbreak of Omicron will affect us all, but retail teams will do their best to deliver great products and service to customers while also being impacted in their workplaces and homes. We are all affected by the pandemic because being kind to the retail industry can help everyone a lot.”

“To treat retail workers with respect and for Shop Nice, Retail NZ recommends:

  1. Treat retail workers with respect;
  2. Use polite, non-threatening language at all times;
  3. Say hello, kia ora or bonjour;
  4. Please wear a mask and follow the shop rules;
  5. Say thank you to your local retailer.

Retail NZ has written to government ministers requesting the following urgent setting changes to support the retail sector and the community during an outbreak of Omicron:

  1. Urgent changes to the mask exemption policy
  2. Wider access to rapid antigen tests (RAT)
  3. Review of the definition of close contact
  4. Supply chain security

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