Treez Announces Partnership To Integrate Its Cannabis Retail Platform With Lucid Green’s Standardized UPC And Data Asset Management Technology


SANTA ROSA, California, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Treez (, a privately held company and a leading provider of an enterprise cloud platform that streamlines end-to-end commerce in the cannabis market, announced today at the Hall of Flowers 2021 Cannabis Show, a partnership of integration with Lucid Green, a supplier of a contactless inventory management platform.

As part of this exclusive partnership, Treez will integrate with LucidID, a platform allowing distributors and dispensaries to more effectively track inventory. LucidID is a unique QR code that captures all of the product details from the case level down to the individual item.

The integrated offering will allow a single analysis of a Lucid CaseID that sends all product information and inventory records into the Treez point of sale (POS) system. From a simple scan on any mobile device, retailers can view all product information, including regulatory tracking, product names, description, images, and Certificates of Analysis (COA ). The need for barcodes or secondary stickers on the packaging is eliminated and dispensaries will no longer have multiple names for the same product, and products will no longer appear on dispensary menus with outdated information.

Dispensaries can also see a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to complete their inventory cycle count with virtual elimination of errors. Ultimately, dispensaries may have much less inventory on hand, thus saving space and reducing working capital requirements. Based on Lucid Green’s studies, dispensaries can also save up to 60 hours per week for each client location in daily / weekly inventory taking, labeling, and inventory checks.

“At Treez, our goal is to facilitate collaboration through optimized workflows and integrations between brands, distributors and retail partners to create a better experience for the end consumer,” said Jean-Yang, CEO of Treez. “Lucid’s integration embodies a data-driven, API-driven approach that will evolve and drive the success of our partners and the industry as a whole. “

“Our partnership with Lucid Green underscores our commitment to continually deliver innovative technology to our scalable platform so that customers can ultimately grow their businesses,” said Josh glantz, director of recipes for Treez. “This integration specifically enables our customers to improve their retail operations and inventory processes and will result in increased profitability through higher productivity, increased cost savings and improved inventory accuracy.”

“Lucid Green builds the Universal Standardized Product Code (UPC), LucidID, enabling the two-way transfer of data at every stage of the cannabis product lifecycle,” said Larry Levy, co-founder and CEO, Lucid Green. “Ideally, it should be able to handle the regulatory and point-of-sale readiness functionality requested (and increasingly required by) large retailers as well. Our partnership with Treez is a natural fit, as Treez is the best integrated point of sale and payments in its class. technology for the cannabis industry.

About Treez

Treez is a leading enterprise cloud platform that streamlines retail and supply chain operations in the cannabis market. Delivered through a SaaS model, Treez provides the breadth and depth of software solutions needed to operate a modern dispensary successfully.

The innovative platform includes point-of-sale, dispensary inventory management and omnichannel sales delivery solutions that ensure regulatory compliance across every transaction in the supply chain. Treez also connects essential brands with its retailers through a centralized brand catalog and real-time market information. The extensible platform API offers smooth integration with a variety of leading solutions including CRM, marketplace, and data analytics in the partner ecosystem.

Find us on our stand in the main dispensary of Kraft Hall in Hall of Flowers, 22-23 Sep in Holy rose.

About Lucid Green

Lucid Green was founded in early 2018 by data veterans Paul Botto and Larry Levy with a singular mission to build a standard of trust and transparency in the cannabis ecosystem. Lucid Green’s platform offers retailers and distributors a complete contactless inventory management solution – increasing supply chain efficiency and cost savings; and brands a channel for connecting directly with consumers. For more information, please visit

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